Food for thought

A cool style does not require fur

Nobody is forced to buy or wear fur clothing. Can we leave the fur problem to the market to regulate even though we know that animal protection standards in the production countries deviate strongly from minimum requirements, such as those in place in Switzerland?


The answer must clearly be „no“. We endeavor to ensure greater transparency. We inform of department stores that no longer sell fur clothing or accessories. And we encourage young and old to inquire as to the kind and origin of the fur and the housing of the animals before they consider buying real fur products. Facts on fur production must be brought to light. We advise to shop in stores where staff is competent and knowledgeable of the issues at hand.


We are committed to our cause. Because we know that no one will have to renounce the cozy feeling of warmth or will be disadvantaged for esthetic or health reasons. We promote alternatives to fur – alternatives available in a practically unlimited number of different forms and colors. Alternatives that – in addition to being cool – also give you a clear conscience.


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