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The Zurich Animal Protection Association will not give up its fight against animal fur. The revised and newly designed information platform,, provides consumers; the media, and animal lovers will relevant information on animal fur. After all, facts are the best arguments to use for emotional topics.


Based on simple research, informs of the deceptive maneuvers of the fur industry that attempts to convince consumers of conformity with animal protection laws by using product labels and making semi-true claims. Consumers cannot, however, be easily duped. In countries such as China, the U.S. or Russia, "in compliance with the law" does not mean much, because fur production is not legally regulated nor were any recommendations issued regarding the ensuring of animal welfare.


In these countries, Artic foxes, for example, may be held in wire cages, on surfaces of only 0,6–1 m². Switzerland, with its Animal Protection Law that actually deserves this name, demands minimum cage sizes of 48 m². Because such holding would be extremely costly, no fur animals are held in Switzerland – fur production having become totally unprofitable here.


The fur industry conceals this and other truths, preferring to state that „animal welfare is our main concern“. Read the information provided on and learn the truth.



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