Farm housing of Red Foxes

A smart and cunning athlete

Red foxes are predators that suffer from prejudice and misconception. They are capable of extraordinary physical performance. When foraging and hunting, foxes lay back stretches of 10 km, locating their prey thanks to their excellent sense of smell and sense of hearing. As a rule, they are loners and rarely live in packs. Red foxes are nocturnal animals and dig subterranean dens.


Enclosures for Red foxes in Switzerland must be at least 100 m² in size. Holders must obtain a cantonal permit. In EU member states, however, recommendations stipulate mesh wire cages of a maximum size of 2 m². And in Russia, fox holders do not need to fulfill any legal requirements at all. When held in rows of dense cages, Red foxes have no possibility to withdraw from the other animals.


Please find in the table here a comparison of the requirements placed towards the holding of Red foxes in Switzerland and other countries (state: November 1, 2010).


Untiring forager

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