Farm housing of Raccoon Dogs

At home in brush-wood

Raccoon dogs are nocturnal river-dwellers and inhabit territories up to 20 km² in size. They like to swim and dive when looking for food. Raccoon dogs feel most comfortable alone but sometimes they will also live in family groupings. Raccoon dogs use specific areas as toilets und and also mark their territories with urine and feces.


On fur farms in Denmark and Russia, raccoon dogs live a dire existence in mesh wire cages, with no access to water or shrubs. As a standard, the animals are given a maximum space of 2 m² per animal. Although the EU recommends the taking of measures to prevent raccoon dogs from injuring their paws, fur farmers do not adhere to these recommendations.


Please find in the table here a comparison of the requirements placed towards the holding of raccoon dogs in Switzerland and other countries (state: November 1, 2010).


Always following their noses

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