Farm housing of Nutria

Master builders and world changers

Nutria are plant-eating loners that proliferate rapidly and live exclusively along water banks and water shores. To rest, sleep, and bring up their young, they build housing along banks and shores. As nocturnal animals, they depend largely on their well-developed sense of smell and sense of hearing.


As with other fur animals, the holding of nutria on fur farms is not governed by any laws in the European Union, the U.S. or China. Responsible fur farmers might voluntarily comply with EU recommendations or recommendations issued by associations. With regard to the well being of the animals, however, these recommendations are not worth the paper they were printed on. In Finland, nutria may be held in a cage that is only 0.5 m2 in size – and access to water is simply recommended, not mandatory.


Please find in the table here a comparison of the requirements placed towards the holding of nutria in Switzerland and other countries (state: November 1, 2010).


Nocturnal island-builders

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