Farm housing of Mink

A keen sense of smell and hearing

Minks are not only excellent divers but also good climbers. They are pronounced loners and sometimes cover great distances to chase or catch their prey that consists of small mammals but also birds, fish, amphibians, and invertebrate.


On fur farms, minks spend their lives in tiny cages, exposed to the smell of their own excrements. They are fed stinking mashes. Two animals are forced to share a space of 0,26 m², without the possibility to avoid one another. Minks on farms are consequently under permanent stress and stereotypically run around in circles in their cages, thus making unbearable noise for animals with such a keen sense of hearing.



Please find in the table here a comparison of the requirements placed towards the holding of minks in Switzerland and other countries (state: November 1, 2010).



Water is its element

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