Fur production & trade

A glamorous world with a tragic background

The fur industry wants us to believe that fur farmers are comparable to regular farmers. But Contrary to the fur industry agriculture is bound by strict rules and regulations for the holding and killing of cows, pigs, etc. These laws were issued because of pressure exerted by animal and consumer protection organizations and cater to the needs of farm animals as well as to the requirements of consumers, e.g. by ensuring that farmers are obliged to declare clearly the origin of their products.


The fur industry is a considerable economic sector and its farmers are subjected to international competition. Thus, European fur producers are forced to compete with Chinese fur manufacturers and attempt to distinguish themselves by using deceptive labels e.g. "Origin Assured". Read more...


Correspondingly, fur farmers fight against every tightening of the framework conditions for fur production and distribution; in particular against animal protection laws and fur farming prohibitions. Fur farms are not, however, animal farms or zoos, but animal factories that also burden the environment.


Fur without qualms?

Frau mit Pelz
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