Drowned in cold blood

Muskrats are caught under water. They are trapped in what are referred to as leg-holder traps or in cages. Both traps are set up in deep water and prepared to bait the muskrats.


If the muskrat is lucky, its neck will be broken as soon as it falls into the trap. In most cases, however, the muskrats are only trapped painfully and in a manner that prohibits them from swimming to the surface to breathe air. The animals attempt to free themselves but fail miserably and drown.


Trapping for fur must be rejected from an animal protection perspective. This has nothing whatsoever to do with sound wildlife management and maintaining reasonable population figures – although this is always stated as an argument by the fur industry.


Drowning in an iron grip

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The following film demonstrate hard facts and therefore may not be suited for everyone, in particular not the sensitive!



Muskrat traps