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Shopping can be fun – no fur involved

Fashion-conscious shopping is pleasurable. We wish to act responsibly. We are accountable, not only towards consumers but also towards employees working in clothes and accessories factories in low-wage countries, sweating away under precarious conditions. We are also accountable towards animals that suffer incredibly for our concepts of fashion.


 How to recognize real fur:

  • Pull the guard hair of the fur apart. If the fur is real, you will discover an undercoat.

  • In the case of real fur, the hair will stick to real leather.

  • Blow softly over the fur. If all of the hair moves, then most probably, the fur is real.


Everyone can:

  • Refrain from buying clothing or accessories with fur.

  • Ask if the fur is real or not. And refrain from purchasing in case of doubt.

  • Speak with your acquaintances about the fur issue.

  • Give preference to Swiss designs and products over cheap imports from Asia.

  • Support the Zurich Animal Protection Association that combats animal suffering.



A light-hearted shopping tour

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Differences between real and fake fur.