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Once again, fashion designers show fur

Browse through a fashion magazine and you will realize: Once again, fur has been used for the fall/winter 2013/2014 fashion collections. Whether fur jacket or cape – it’s all about seemingly conveying the impression of a bit of luxury. Classic influences are determining and vintage looks, slightly reminiscent of the cuts of the 40s, are particularly trendy this season. A classic among furs is fox fur. Correspondingly, fox fur has been used often in form of trimmings, hoods or stoles, thus lending the clothes authentic retro glamour. In terms of colors, everything from soft pastels to brilliant jewel colors are allowed. In men’s fashion, fur has been used for quite a while already, in form of furry collars and other applications.


Fur - attractive?

Fur is attractive. Or at least this is what advertising wants us to think. But take a moment to consider the situation: Think about purchasing real fur for which animals suffered tremendously.


Attractive? Yes, but not at the cost of animal suffering

We all enjoy being individually and fashionably dressed and looking attractive. However, we are decisively against animals being held in undeserving circumstances and then killed. We want to feel comfortable in our own skin – and we believe that fur animals have the same right. It is, however, only in wilderness that this right complies with reality, but never on fur farms where wild animals are held in tiny cages or when wild animals are captured and injured in traps.


Still fashionable

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