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Fur Campain 2011: "Check your style"

From October until the beginning of December 2011, our fashion scouts searched the streets of Zurich for people with a distinctive style, with a sense of fashion that is fun and effortlessly does without real fur.


Mentored by fashion expert Yannick Aellen ("Germany's Next Topmodel"), our scouts set off to work. Their coolest discoveries can be found on the site pelzinfo.ch, together with their recommendations for simultaneously contemporay and timeless style. Our online style guide can be found here.


Mirror, mirror. At the same time, the fresh promotional film, "Check your style" was shown at Zurich’s main train station as well as in several shopping centers.



Fur commercial 2011


Fur Campain 2010: pelzinfo.ch

False labeling and terminological juggling in the fur industry


We will not rest in our combating of animal fur. The revised and redesigned information platform of the Zurich Animal Protection Association, www.pelzinfo.ch, provides consumers, the media, and animal-lovers with relevant information on the topic of „animal fur“. „Facts instead of claims“ is our motto.


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Fur campaign 2009: Style guide


The new style guide has appeared. An imaginative outfit - against fur.


A cool style does not require fur. Fur is so out! The style guide of the Zurich Animal Protection Association shows you how to dress well and comprises stickers with the coolest slogans against fur.


Fur is truly out. "Bella Figura – anyone can do without!”


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Fur campaign 2008: “IN” WITHOUT

Your style is truly you. Fur is so out.


A stylish look is not a question of money. " ”IN” WITHOUT " will show you how to achieve your own cool style with courage and fantasy and how to easily refrain from using fur. Worldwide, every year, approx. 40 million animals are killed – often cruelly and with much suffering - for their fur. Fur farms are still legal in many countries. However, fur animals are wild animals. It is simply not possible to keep them in cages and claim that this is animal friendly or species-appropriate!


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Fur commercial 2007: Look the other way


Fur commercial 2006: The morning after


Fur commercial 2005: All the rage


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